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This is the story of Christine Elkins' disappearance.
It's a story about good vs. evil, about good people
refusing to stand idly by. The case has
gained fame in law enforcement circles nationwide,
but remained almost unknown to the general public. 
This story is told in 10 installments.


L. Eric Craven/The Star
Part 1:
'Christy, this sounds like a setup'

Tony Emery urges Christine Elkins forward as she hesitates in the dark doorway, then starts to step back toward safety. Emery wants Elkins to step inside the shadows, past the strip of dusty wood floor and onto the oval of blue, braided rug -- a rug he neatly arranged this afternoon. Elkins, a federal informant, has been warned this meeting with a drug dealer could be dangerous.
In this installment:
Author Matthew Schofield introduces the series
Meet the main players in this story.
A profile of Maryville, Mo.
Newspaper clipping related to this case

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