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Cast of characters

Christine Elkins

Mother of two and recovering methamphetamine addict, she is trying to turn her life around as an informant against Tony Emery in Maryville, Mo. She disappears in August 1990.

Tony Emery

Controls methamphetamine sales in northwest Missouri. He is nabbed for drug sales in 1989, but determines that Elkins is the only solid witness against him.

Herb Emery

Known as Tug or Tuggy, he is Tony's cousin. Cops see him as a tough criminal wannabe and methamphetamine user. Tony wants him to help get rid of Elkins.

James Witt

Known as JW (pronounced Jay Dubb), he is a Colorado drug dealer who tries to save himself from a drug bust by offering information on the murder of "some gal out in Maryville, Missouri."
Michael Schmitz

A brand new ATF special agent, he officially starts work the week Christine Elkins disappears.

Mark James

A maverick ATF special agent known for playing hunches and cracking a high percentage of cases.

Mike Green

A young Assistant U.S. Attorney who is handed the case.

Matt Whitworth

An Assistant U.S. Attorney who is promoted, forcing him to leave the case temporarily.

Bobby Miller

Tug's friend from Colorado, he is around for the planning of the killing but flees when asked to take part.

Duane R. Nichols

The supervising agent at the ATF who refuses to let the case die.

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